Business Coaching

Professional business coaching is an engaging exploration of what you want–and combined with commitment to action–results in a much more fulfilling career and personal life.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe all my clients are inherently whole. My main goal is to bring out the best in my clients through probing questions, encouragement, acknowledgement, and accountability, since the answers already lie within the client. Many of my clients, however, also request specific advice. That means I also bring in other modalities (e.g. mentoring a business school student or advice on a career issue), but more important, I am here to empower you to make your own changes.  That way, the changes would be sustained even after the coaching relationship ends.

Business Coaching begins with a 360-degree review in all your life areas. We review who you are, what you want, your circumstances, and your life perspectives so that we could explore your passions and thus the best way to achieve your goals. It is important to begin with a 360-degree review as all areas of our lives, including subtle belief systems, are intertwined and shape one another. E.g. Most of my clients come to me with specific career goals, but sometimes we find issues in their personal lives that may be limiting their careers. The 360-degree review is a snapshot of who you are, and may evolve as our coaching relationship develops. We will work together to develop and revise your profile as our coaching relationship progresses.

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