Life is Short – Find & Live Your Core

Imagine you were born in a random time and place over the last 5,000 years of recorded history. Chances are you would have either lived a nasty, brutish, and short life, or a predetermined existence as dictated by societal, cultural, family, or legal constraints. You really did not have much say, or many options even if you did. Even the all-powerful were limited by political, resource and technological constraints.

Only in the last 50 years (just the most recent 1% of our 5,000-year recorded history) have human beings really embraced freedom–the freedom of choice, to work, to marry (sort of), and more important, the freedom for self-expression. And this is only possible in the United States. Most countries today still look down upon those who choose to be different, or to be themselves. Living in the United States (especially California) is akin to having a lover who gives you a long leash. You can use this leash to either: 1) hang yourself, or 2) embrace the freedom it provides you–the freedom to dig really deep to find out who you are, your strengths, passion, and life force. Then channel this energy into the part of humanity that needs and wants this energy.

It takes guts to find your true core; and it takes even more guts–to the point of obsession and blatant stubbornness–to live your core. Men in ancient societies tend to think of war (and all the glory that comes with winning a war), as their core. But this makes no sense. Today, men channel this dark energy into football, gambling, and financial speculation; but men who engage in or embrace these acts as their “core” are no different to the behavior of wild animals stalking and catching their prey. Even Achilles, who chose glory over a life of obscurity, regretted his decision to fight in the Trojan War upon entering the Underworld.

The courage to find and live your core comes from a higher purpose. It has to do with first better knowing and understanding yourself, and from this new-found self-awareness, raising your own consciousness. A person who does not know him or herself cannot be trusted. It is only through this self-awareness can we find, and then live our core. Yes, many of your friends and colleagues will change, but that is for the better. Even your significant other may leave you, but that is also for the better. We live in unprecedented times that demand us to raise our consciousness and own who we are. You will be left behind if you don’t.

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