I am a professional investor, university professor, and business coach with over 15 years of experience in starting businesses, investing, teaching, and managing and working in diverse organizations.

Professional Investor

My professional and personal experiences are truly global and all-encompassing. I am a professional investor with over 15 years of investment experience. I provide customized research in global macroeconomic trends, global industries, and major asset classes–helping my clients maximize returns in favorable investment climates and protecting assets in unfavorable climates.

Please contact me for more information on my research.

Business Coaching

My goal as a business coach is to work with highly talented and motivated professionals who are starting businesses, switching careers, or transitioning to management roles. Most of my clients are younger entrepreneurs and business professionals in their late 20s to late 30s.

Let me be your powerful ally in achieving both your short and long-term career goals. Professional business coaching is an engaging exploration of what you want — and combined with commitment to action — results in a much more fulfilling career.